Aureate – Behind the short film

Aureate means "denoting, made of, or having the color of gold." I named it that because of the way the colors of the sunset reflected on the water. It made it look like the water was gold. 

This film is a good lesson in the lack of a need for a storyboard. I didn't plan this video. I didn't even intend on making on when we went. I intended only to do landscape photography, but when I was there I felt drawn to something, and I took video. I didn't think to much about it, i just shot random videos. I shot what I liked, I shot what I was drawn to. Even in the moment I wasn't thinking. I wasn't thinking "Oh, I need to get a tight shot that I can cut to after I do this pan." I went on instinct. Most of my success comes on going on instinct, going on what my mind is drawn to, not planning or storyboarding. Storyboards usually get tossed in the trash. Things never go as planned, so why have a plan in the first place? Your art is going to be way more authentic if you follow your heart, if you go where your eye is telling you to. Painters never plan what every inch of the canvas is going to be. They have a vision, and they follow that until the canvas is full. For this film, I saw things I liked, I filmed them. It wasn't complicated. If you are drawn to it naturally, so will your audience. Follow your eye. Wing it. Throw away your storyboard.