My First Roll of Film

My grandfather died in November of 2012. I ended up inheriting his old film camera, a Rolleiflex TLR 3.5F circa 1950s. Being born in the digital age of cameras, I really had no idea about this camera, or a TLR in general. Research showed the quality of the camera I had, and I knew I wanted to try it. It sat on my shelf for a while, being a cool decoration and talking piece. I eventually bit the bullet and bought some Ilford Delta Pro 400 black and white film. 

The film sat in that camera for quite a while. Something about taking a picture scared me. It was a completely different approach than I had to digital, where I will take pictures of random stuff because I was bored. I found myself taking the Rollei along with me but most of the time never taking a picture. I would always contemplate wether the image was really worth photographing. I realise I was too cautious the first time around. It took me about a year and half to finally take 12 pictures. That being said, I got at least 6-8 good images from the roll. That is a 2:1 success ratio. None of the photos came out bad because of something I did in camera, but instead poor film handling (I will confess to leaving the exposed roll out on my desk for a day or two before shipping it out to get developed).

In the end I am happy with these photographs and I'm excited to get more film and explore different varieties and shoot more this time!