I have a confession....

I photograph and drive....

Let me explain:

I had seen this building forever, and I have always been fascinated by it. As a little kid I remember imagining playing paintball on the grounds here, or shooting a short film. For a while I have wanted to photograph it, and I had a specific image in mind; the sillhoutte of the building in front of a vibrant sunset. As I was coming from work one day, I look and the conditions are perfect. Now I had to struggle to find a composition. The one obstacle I faced was the position of the sunset. It would have been better if it was the sunrise, but you don't always get to choose. There was a lot of stuff in the way to get a clear shot at the building. I tried parking in a gas station, but the building was getting blocked by a fence. Beyond the fence were train tracks. There was literally no spot to take the photo.

I turn around and start driving over the bridge, knowing full well what I was about to do. I had tried it before, just in the passenger seat. I frantically switch my camera to auto (not a true photographer, I know), roll down my window, stick the camera out, and take the picture. All while driving. Now I certainly am not condoning this, but it's what I had to do to get the shot. To be honest, I got lucky. I only took one shot, which was also dumb, but it ended up turning out. I didn't have time to check my settings or my focus. I literally stuck the camera out and took a picture (I was still looking at the road for the record).

I say this all to say, you never know what you have to do to get a shot. Don't give up until you get the shot you want, and hopefully like me you get lucky.

The final image

The final image