My mission:

Communicate stories in a unique, authentic, and inspiring way through the use of digital and analog media.


My name is Caleb Minear. My whole life I've loved art in all forms. On a family vacation when I was about 12, I got handed a DSLR and immediately fell in love with it. I then saved up for my own camera so I could shoot whenever I want. I remember always going over to my cousins' house for holidays, and we would spend the day making short films. We had no clue what we were doing, no clue what the plot was, but we just had fun creating stuff. I would always take the opportunity to capture what I saw, especially on family trips. I got in to graphic design after seeing a contest to design a new can for Arizona teas. I found a photoshop tutorial online that I liked. After finishing it I loved it and kept looking for more to play around with. Ever since I've been creating media, from weddings to brand identities. 

I've always had the impulse to create art. It was always visual art too. I've tried music, and poetry, and other art forms, but nothing makes me come alive more than when I have a camera in my hand. I love searching for different formats, like shooting on full VHS or super 8mm film, finding funky cameras at thrift stores and seeing what happens. I love chasing the light during golden hour, fighting to find a photograph before the sun sets. I always compare filmmaking and photography to hunting. You often have to wait around a while, search really hard to find something, and always be ready to take the shot if something unexpected happens. Often you will go out and not find anything, but it's the thrill of the hunt, the rush of the chase, that keeps it exciting every time you go out. No time is the same. 

I always enjoy pushing the norm, doing what's not expected. Shooting film is not normal nowadays, neither is developing it yourself. Shooting for a whole year just on medium format film is not normal. Buying a VHS camera and shooting on full-size VHS tape is not normal. Trying new things and challenging what's expected is almost a part of my personality. That being said, it is wise to learn to discern when is the right time to push the boundaries, and when pushing the boundaries actually takes away from the story being told.

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My strong suit is making films look good. I love nit-picking the lighting of a scene in order to make an image look amazing. I love how different cameras and lenses give you a different feel. Adding camera motion to a film is incredibly powerful, and color grading can take a dull scene and turn it into something beautiful. I love the whole process from start to finish; you are presented with a subject, and you have to figure out how to light it, what lens to use, what camera motion you want to add. Then you put it on the computer and make it come alive with editing and coloring. I love seeing an image or a film take shape, and it's so satisfying to mold it along the way.

If I'm not filming, I am probably taking landscape photographs. This is my favorite hobby. I love traveling and exploring new places, then making a photograph out of those experiences. I am currently exploring film photography and am always looking out for cool vintage cameras. I love finding old camera gear at thrift stores and saving them from being trashed. In my free time, I love watching comedy shows like Parks and Recreation and Arrested Development. I also love roasting and tasting coffee.

I currently work part time at Victory Life Church in Battle Creek, Michigan where I am in charge of all video and motion design, including weekly video announcement, special video projects, and live video production.